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Ulbora CMS Headless

Ulbora CMS is a Headless CMS that gives you maximun flexibility over your content.

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No matter where you need to provide content:
Shopping carts, web pages, blogs or reports
Ulbora CMS Headless gives you that ability.
Add content at one location and make content available anywhere is an API gateway for managing micro services.

Runs as Docker Container
Configure the gateway from one central location and run anywhere
Manager multiple gateways from one location
Runs inside Kubernetes
Blue Green switching
Circuit Breaker
Self healing routes

Enhanced JWT Token

Micro services security using OAuth2.

Assign microservice end points
Access URL's with EJWT tokens
Validatation REST service
Manager multiple EJWT tokens
Easy management from a one location

Ulbora Cart

Ulbora Cart is a shopping cart solution for sporting good stores and outdoor stores.

Designed to work with multiple online shopping cart solutions
Works with standard payment gateways



Ulbora Gun Cart

Ulbora Gun Cart is a high risk shopping cart solution for gun stores and stores with other high risk items.

Designed to work with multiple online shopping cart solutions
Works with high risk payment gateways



Ulbora Sync

Ulbora Sync is a remote Internet synchronization solution.

Built on Raspberry Pi.

Designed for remote locations where the Internet can be Intermittent
Syncs up with the Internet after an outage
Synchronizes all data when Internet is restored
Allows software to keep running with Internet outage